Our Services

Mainstream Living Center LLC HCS program provides or assists with the following service components.

Case Management

Case Management services involves developing and implementing an individual’s PDP and IPC and monitoring the provision of services to an individual by the local authority. Mainstream’s program manager works hand in hand with the local authority’s case coordinator to provide quality services for our individuals and assist with developing the PDP and IPC on a yearly basis.

Counseling and Therapy

• Audiology services
• Dietary services
• Occupational therapy services
• Physical therapy services
• Psychology services
• Social work services
• Speech and language pathology services

Day Habilitation

Mainstream’s Day Habilitation program referred to as Helping Other People (The H.O.P) provides assistance to an individual that is necessary for the individual to acquire skills to reside, integrate, and participate successfully in the community.

At the HOP our staff will provide:
Face to face interaction to assist individuals in achieving their goals.
Help the individuals acquire, retain, or improve self-help skills, socialization skills, or adaptive skills that are necessary for the individual to successfully reside, integrate, and participate in the community.

Reinforce a skill taught in school, counseling, or therapy.

Develop opportunities for employment in the community i.e. completing a job application assessing employment skills, and training on employment related issues.


Interacting face-to-face or by telephone with an individual to provide professional or vocational nursing for which there is a documented or immediate medical necessity.

Residential Assistance

Residential assistance consists of the following sub-components:

• Foster/companion care
• Residential support
• Supervised living
• Supported home living


The respite service component is the temporary provision of assistance and support necessary for an individual to perform personal care, health maintenance, and independent living tasks; participate in community activities; and develop, retain, and improve community living skills.

Supported Employment

Supported employment is the provision of support needed by an individual to sustain paid employment.

Adaptive Aids

An Additive aid is an item or service that enables an individual to retain or increase the ability to perform activities of daily living or to control the individual’s environment.

Minor Home Modifications

A minor home modification is a physical adaptation to an individual’s residence that is necessary to address the individual’s specific needs and that enables the individual to function with greater independence in the individual’s residence or to control his or her environment.

Dental Treatment

The dental treatment service component includes emergency dental treatment, preventive dental treatment, therapeutic dental treatment, and orthodontic dental treatment.